vacation pics

cause i know you’re just dying to see my vacation pics… haha!

we DROVE for 15 hours from houston, tx to gatlinburg, tennessee. 15 hours is a long time with three kids.

IMG_6895on the first day we did some hiking. it was good for the kids to burn off some steam. it was a little over a mile there and the same back. at the end of this hike/climb there was a gorgeous waterfall, but i didn’t get a picture of it. i was dealing with “the meltdown”. i know you know what i mean. will and brandon were playing in the streams and having fun. abby had just lost it, couldn’t take another step and began to wail in the middle of the trail. so i put her in jude’s stroller and put jude on my back. and then this is what happened.


IMG_6914we spent alot of time at our amazing cabin. i loved it!


this was the view from the porch swing. not bad, huh?


one of my favorite and worst memories is the river day. here’s what i vividly remember… brandon driving like a lunatic around all the curves and dips. mountain driving just petrifies me and i really just wanted to drive with my foot on the brakes the whole time. then we got into a river with lots of warnings of drownings and slippings and currents and all. so i sort of hovered and nagged at my sweet patient husband saying things like “make sure she’s just within arms reach!” and “he’s out too far!” and “stay right by the side!”. really annoying. my stomach was in knots until i begged to leave and we headed out. but then i see the pictures and somehow my mind says something different. like it was so peaceful and beautiful and the kids had so much fun. all that was true too! i love photos for that. you forget all the bad stuff.



IMG_6978the kids favorite thing, by far, was horseback riding. we’re definitely going to be getting lessons this year. i have a sneaking suspicion that one of these guys might be in our future. it’s all abby can talk of.



while the bigs got to do lots of cool stuff, poor tiny toddler had to shop with mom. we hit the moonshine distillery. that was pretty fun! and dollywood was a must. it was just a great time. we went with brandon’s whole big family, like 20 people. it was really chill and gorgeous and just straight up fun. except for the car ride back, which was kind of like torture. that’s that. our vacation! tada. how about you? have you gone anywhere fun this summer?


2 Comments on “vacation pics”

  1. Debbie says:

    My mom’s family is in Tennessee – near Nashville. We did the car driving trips when I was little, when my girls were little and I have taken my granddaughter too. The trip is long but the beauty is so worth it when you get there. Once Erica sees your pics she’s gonna want to go back – the cabin looks like such a cool place to stay.

  2. Beautiful, Beth! My husbands family runs a camp in Maggie Valley, NC. Living in Utah, I miss all the green in the Smokies! I think it is pretty close to where you went.

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