do you want to meet the cows?

these guys are almost pets now, so maybe you want to say hi. we spend more time with them than humans, actually. we’re getting to know their personalities and everything. the kids adore them and spend several hours a day just talking to them over the fence (that would be abby). and then we spend hours cleaning up their cow patties so we don’t look so rough. 🙂

this is x-afina. i’m not sure how you spell that, but that’s how you say it. abby named her, of course, and gave her a job. she’s a doctor. she does… well, x-rays.



this is josephine. she was my first bovine friend and she holds a special place in my heart for not eating me or beating me up.

IMG_7259and this is number two. she’s rather photogenic, enjoys posing and cattle cubes. she’s got a very cute little baby that abby is taming.


so those are just a few of the ladies i’d like you to meet. we’re so isolated out here, i’m going to have to join a group or something. the other days abby said “mom, your friends are here for bible study!” and it was these gals.


4 Comments on “do you want to meet the cows?”

  1. Debbie says:

    on the previous post I asked God to bring friends for you & Abby to spend time with while Will is in school – I am going to be a wee bit more specific and say “human” friends, although these ladies might certainly enjoy having the bible read to them each day and learn that sacrifices of bovine were no longer necessary when Jesus died on the cross for our sins – I’m thinking they will offer up praises (that to our ears just sound like “moo” but to God “Hallelujah thank you Jesus!).

  2. “Your friends are here for Bible Study”?? Haha, too cute! Would love to see more of what you’ve been up to lately, Beth!

  3. jenny m says:

    you’re making me want to move to a farm again!! i am ready to sell everything and just go. 🙂 your posts always do that. looks like you are all settling in and enjoying life!!!

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