will’s first day

hey you guys! pardon my absence for a few weeks. we’ve been getting all settled in to the new place and computer time is kind of last on the list. but we’re getting into the swing of things and getting a routine down and all that. now, suddenly this blog is no longer creative expression and all… it’s actual communication for aunts and grandmas and everyone at home to see what we’re up to, so i’m so sorry if our actual life is boring! really sorry. so here’s real life…

will started school in a new district. that is no small deal and we were really chicken, but it’s going swimmingly. it’s a small town and we weren’t sure how “small town” the school was going to be, if you catch my drift. the school is awesome. no fear there. it’s big and beautiful, and (will adds, most importantly) has the coolest playground of all time. Β *he thinks mrs. williford might be tempted by the cool spinny ride and come move here.*



also the library is pretty sweet and happens to have this little stacked up reading nook. *he thinks ms. long might see this and be persuaded to move here.*



his teacher’s name is mrs. reed and she’s sweet as can be. she has a particular affinity for raggedy anne and free stuff.


when the first day rolled around on monday he got all dressed and headed out. the bus comes all the way out and picks him up at the door pretty much. on the first day he walked out to the street with abby nearly crying the whole way. she wanted to go so bad! she’s got one of those birthdays where she just missed the deadline even though she’s ridiculously ready for school. it was awful to keep her home. one more year!



so the first week is going super well. he has no complaints. he LOVES the bus. he’s making friends every day. it’s just a really neat experience so far and i’m so proud of him for being so brave. starting over is not easy and he’s done it like a champ. i’m not even joking, all weekend i seriously panicked and said “it’s not too late! we can get in the car right now and head home and start at your old school on monday!” he would say “mom, i’m nervous, but we’re going to be fine. this is our home now.” it’s funny to be parented by your kids, huh?


4 Comments on “will’s first day”

  1. crystal says:

    Yay, Will!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Debbie says:

    Be blessed in this new place and new season of your lives. And may He bring Abby (and mommy) many new friends to fill the hours while Will is at school πŸ™‚

  3. Misty Williford says:

    So happy everything is going well! Please tell will I REALLY do like that spinny thing on the playground! It is very tempting..πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
    Can’t wait to come visit!!

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