Abby’s Birthday


The girly is growing up. It’s going so fast. People said that and it was kind of annoying, but it’s just true. The years are flying by and they grow and grow. There’s some joy and some sorrow, and some guilt for the joy. This week Little Miss has a cough so bad she sounds like she’s been smoking for 40 years and she’s really pitiful.

So, Abby at 5…

Likes: ART. She draws no less than 20 detailed images a day. Art is like air to her. Any expression is done this way. Also, likes goat cheese, zumba, cinnamon butter, and Veggie Tales.

Dislikes: Most meats, long car rides, and getting her hair washed.

Favorite Color: You guessed it… still pink and not letting up anytime soon


2 Comments on “Abby’s Birthday”

  1. crystal says:

    Happy birthday, sweetness 🙂

  2. tonyagarrick says:

    Happy birthday to your girl! Such a sweet picture!!

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