maybe the toast is still toasting

a word of encouragement today. i got one, straight from my heavenly father, and i thought i’d pass it on just in case you needed to hear it too. sometimes it works like that.  so we moved to the country and all and i do love it, but my hubs still works 5 hours away and travels literally half the time. so it’s busy and stressful and lonely the other half. about every three days i freak out and think “what have i done?! did i misinterpret the plan? why isn’t this all lining up perfectly if it’s God’s will?”  and i want to run back for the familiar. i cry alot. like alot alot.


but today i just had a tiny thought. it wasn’t from me cause i’m not this wise! i was making toast for jude. he was having a fit in his high chair, impatient, wanting food immediately. i was slightly frustrated and i was thinking “chill out! i wish he could just see that the toast is just toasting. he doesn’t want plain bread. it’ll be ready in half a minute!” and then God just said “uh huh”. and i thought “oh”.

but do you get it? how many times during our adoption did i think “why isn’t this going the way i thought? why the delay? why the speedbumps? why the hard parts?”. and the same with every growth, right? things don’t usually go perfectly straight from the start. not even when it was His idea. it took David over 15 years from the time he was anointed until he finally became king of israel. so this is my hard part and i’ll keep hope that something good is happening here and in me. you too? you got anything like that going on?


7 Comments on “maybe the toast is still toasting”

  1. Yep, sure do. And I needed this reminder….

  2. Jenny says:

    Yes! Oh, Beth. If someone would invent a way for me to jump through the screen of this little phone (it’ll happen someday and that will just freak me out), I would jump over to your adorable lil farm and give you a giant hug. And then we could sit and cry together and you could share more of this wisdom. Just exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you 🙂 (now, imagine the crazy that would be me squeezing my way out of your phone to give you a hug and laugh this morning!)

  3. SO needed this today.. or rather in this season. thanks for sharing that wisdom, beth:) xo.

  4. Oh speed bumps and delays . . . you’ve really hit home this morning Beth. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been learning.

  5. Corie says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’m in the “adoption wait” with the typical delay after delay scenario and the child growing up half a world away and it hurts, frustrates, and wrecks me. And then I get to read something like this and it gives me hope and patience for another day or two…

  6. Michelle says:

    Man! I think my toast is getting burned, it’s been in there for weeks!

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