at least…

did you know i’m totally a pessimist? i want to look on the bright side, i really really do, but i just naturally see the half empty glass of wine…

i totally get that it’s a flaw and something that i should work on for myself and for everyone who has to talk to me (sorry y’all). i read one thousand gifts and it totally resonates with me, but i’m not nearly that wise or poetic. i have, however, come up with a simple formula for being grateful (which is really the secret of happiness, actually). allow me to share. it’s two words. at least.


my toddler woke me up at 5 am (for the second day in a row). At least he went back to bed and I got my quiet time in. At least he wakes up so cute. At least there was good light in my room so I could get some waking up pictures.


My house is a wreck and my husband is about to be home. At least I can clean with the  windows open.

My 8-year-old threw a raging fit, tossing out his first casual suicide threat and “I hate you”. At least I am here to help guide him through the beginning of this next hard bit of parenting.

Anyway, if you’re having a hard day, remember, at least you have at least.


One Comment on “at least…”

  1. Jenny says:

    SO good, Beth. I’m naturally a pessimist too. It’s something I’m Keats trying to work on. Dave balances me out because he is an extreme optimist. Sometimes it drives me crazy :). Love this idea. At least. Good stuff.

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