the secret snail mail project

we’re trying something new here, and i’m really excited about the potential! it’s a creative project and will hopefully be far-reaching and a blessing for all involved – including you!

every two weeks i’m going to be sending snail mail to someone. most of the time it’ll be someone i don’t know. a mom, a friend, a sister, someone who needs a little pick-me-up. you’ll email me to nominate her (b.cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com). if all goes as planned she’ll receive an outpouring of snail mail from around the country and world. there are no rules at all. you can send her a letter, something from your kitchen, a gift card, a photo, anything! my personal goal is to use this as a creative outlet for myself as well. to create something beautiful to brighten someone’s day.

today i’m just letting you know about it, so if you want you can start gathering some supplies. or not! maybe you don’t need supplies! maybe you’re just a letter and a stamp kind of gal. that’s great too. sending something is better than nothing. but since i’m making an effort to grow artistically in this, i’m going to be getting fun with it. i’m thinking some vintage stamps! here’s a great article about where to find them.


These are from Etsy. Just make sure that if you’re using them for actual postage, that they aren’t already used. Search unused vintage stamps.

And I always love the box mailers from Paper Source.


and maybe some fun washi tape


And since I’m trying to branch out with some of my granny skills, I think I might try some simple hoop art or a handmade pillowcase. I’ll show you next week when I’m done.

So here’s how it works… If you want to send secret snail mail, just email me,, and I’ll send you a document that will include her story, address, prayer requests, and likes. i don’t want to do it publically, as i never want to embarrass anyone online. just bless. but the more the merrier. if you blog your involvement in the project (and i super duper hope you do), just please don’t include her name, address, or details of her story publically. just pass along the document that i send you. i can’t wait to see how this comes together. so email me to find out who we’re blessing. and if you need a theme to direct you… this secret snail mail’s theme is wildflowers! it’ll be going on from now until october 9th, when i tell you the new theme and person. ready, set, go!


One Comment on “the secret snail mail project”

  1. […] so you probably know my friend Beth.  She started Give1save1 [and has now passed it along!], she adopted the adorable Jude, and now her and her family traded big city life for the farm.  anyway, she has a heart of gold and she sent an email out recently about an idea she had.  to bring back snail mail + do some secret blessing.  you can read about it here. […]

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