a boy and his dog…boy


when we moved out here we thought it would certainly be time for a dog. brandon travels and i’m home with the kids alot by myself. i thought a dog would provide some comfort and they’re always a good little alarm system. we decided on a border collie since we intend to have some goats soon and thought it would be fun to have a herding dog.  we scouted out adoption sites….

that process was so annoying!!! y’all, there were seriously home studies involved. the process was so drawn out and slightly ridiculous that yesterday we took the birthday boy to the animal shelter just to see what we could find. and wouldn’t you know it?… we came home $25 later with a border collie. he’s pretty awesome! he’s fantastic with the kids and is a quick learner. he’s taking to training right away and is really eager to please. he’s going to be a great fit!

his name is boy. really. i’m trying to change it to chili, but the kids really want to leave it boy!



2 Comments on “a boy and his dog…boy”

  1. Debbie says:

    The ladies where I work (myself included) fell in love with “boy” and think the 2 boys look mighty happy with each other. God always provides the best 🙂

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