birthday month

yikes, birthday month is done. we birthday-ed it up around here. will turned 8 yesterday and abby turned 5. they are 10 days apart, so each year there is a good two weeks of birthday-ing. it’s rather intense. there is lots of packaging and frosting involved! we are grateful for all the birthday wishes and presents and visits and fun stuff. birthdays are officially celebrated.


and i hope you don’t mind, but i’m starting a little personal project. as i’ve said before, i don’t always stick with projects once i announce them, so maybe the thing is shot anyway, but i’ll give it a go. i’m in this season of transition where i have a whole new horizon spread out before me (good), but i still miss the old stuff sometimes. my old house and friends and income and conveniences. there are days that are very hard. and, of course, there are some days that are so very easy to love this life. i need to focus heavily on the good and give thanks in all circumstances. so i’m starting a new 1,000 gifts list and i’ll post them here. if i do a few a day, then by this time next year i’ll be able to make myself a little book and be able to look back at how far we’ve come. i think it’ll help with the transition. i hope i don’t bore you to death with My Thankfuls!


1. The way the pasture in front of the house is bathed in warm light in the morning. There is a dewy mist that I can’t quite capture and it’s so pretty.


2. the little coils on the back of his head. i’ve missed his hair being long and i’m glad it’s growing back out again. hoping he’s outgrowing that whole “peanut butter in the hair” thing.


3. the rose bush blooming. i thought i killed it. it’s supposedly a gift from lady bird johnson to the old owner of the house. i would feel really bad if it managed to die on my watch, but it’s full of blooms today.


One Comment on “birthday month”

  1. Debbie says:

    Love that you will have not only a 1000 gift list – but one with pictures which can take you to that same awed moment when you first saw your personalized gift from God for that day.

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