good enough

let me kick off today’s Thankfuls with a thought.


4. i’m thankful for this mattress on the floor. i know it’s not a proper bed and it’s only got one pillow. if i were in my normal state of mind i’d be mortified to think of entertaining company in this room. but this is where i’m implementing the ‘at least’ principal. at least it’s a mattress that will let my best friend come stay with me this week. i know the windows are boarded up because the windows are 100 year old casement windows with thin rattly glass. we can’t afford to replace the upstairs windows right now. but at least we had some boards laying around and we could tack them up so none of the kids get hurt playing near them. i know it’s not the most luxurious guest room, but i am immensely thankful for a friend that will brave it to come hang with me for a bit.


5. for the grass growing! when we moved here it was all brown dead grass. we resolved to water one tiny plot and it started to grow. there has been a drought in the area for a long time, but last week it rained and rained and now whole fields are turning green. all the wildflower seeds are getting watered and if we get a little more rain we ought to have some pretty flowers in the spring. i can’t wait to see it!


6. a few moments peace in the hammock yesterday. we bought it months ago and hung it. the kids sit in it all the time, but i don’t usually get time to just walk out into the field and chill in a hammock. sure, the time was short and i was immediately pounced on by a certain toddler, but at least i got a little time in.


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