snail mail update

so we’ve got this fun little snail mail project going on. are you doing it? you can read all about it here if you want to catch up. did you get your stuff together? have you mailed it yet?! i mailed mine yesterday. i can’t wait to see it all unfold! next wednesday i’ll let you know about the next person we’re going to bless. i made some pralines, added the recipe card, a tiny picture frame, a prayer box, and the cutest votive i’ve ever seen with a flying lamb with a crown on. i had to get one for me. don’t judge!


so i’d like to kick off my Thankfuls today with

7. i’m thankful for such a generous bunch of internet friends that like to do fun stuff like this.  if one person did it i think it would be an amazing surprise and blessing that will make this sister feel like a million bucks. but more like twenty people did it. her mail-person might despise her, but she’s going to feel really good this week, you guys.


8. my coffee cups all in a row. i pick my color each morning based on my mood. it tickles me when brandon tries to guess my color.


9. my green apron collection. i truly despise housework, but the trusty green aprons make the job less tedious. this is my favorite full length one. it’s for getting down to business. the half ones are cute, but the full apron… that’s for soft scrub and bacon and stuff. my lisa gave it to me for christmas a few years ago. she’s one of those that has that special knack for giving the very most perfect gifts. do you know anyone like that?

oh, and do you want to read the best article on the whole wide internet regarding housework and mothering (in the absolutely most real, honest way)? read this. yes, and amen?! she read my mind. or my journal or something. love it to the core.


10. a cow lick. we have six new calves right now! six! they are the most precious sight. they run. they don’t even care about how they look. they’ll run right in front of a graceful deer and they don’t even care. it’s the cutest thing ever. i usually just watch them but i really just want to go out the fence and just pick one up and snuggle the heck out of it. well, today i lost my mind and i thought maybe i should. so i just went out into the field and sat down low and just stayed there. all the babies [very slowly] came up a few tiny steps at a time. only one was brave enough to come all the way. i reached my hand out. i wanted to touch it so bad, but i wanted it to come to me. and finally it stretched its neck way out and then stuck it’s tongue out and licked my finger and ran away.


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