i love my people

i have been showered with love lately, from my sweet friends. i know some have you have been praying for me to stop being so dang lonely (thanks, debbie), and those prayers were answered in the form of visits from my people. so today i’ll be thankful for them.


11. i am thankful for jenn and maya driving an hour and half to my humble little pasture to hang out. we drank margaritas, ate too much cake, and  had a great time talking all things mommyhood and blogging and all that.


12. i am thankful for the kids sleeping in so i could clean in peace


and then later that evening our best friends from houston came to spend a few days.

13. i’m thankful for baby pools


14. huge smiles that your face can hardly contain

i hope your weekend has one or two of those in there!


One Comment on “i love my people”

  1. Jenn V. says:

    How did I miss this?! It was so much fun!! Love you guys 🙂

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