a regular old monday

nothing big and fantastic today. no brilliant musings or extraordinary photos. just my Thankfuls today.


19. Thankful that the cone of shame is gone. It was really a pain. He’s up to his old tricks once more.


20. For white sheets on the line. I can’t pretend that I love everything about hanging my clothes out to dry. You don’t get this dreamy effect when it’s your son’s Avenger tighty whiteys. But there is definitely something wonderful about white sheets waving like a flag. The sound and the breeze is hypnotic.


21. For some seeds in a bucket. It’s not the right time of year for zinnias to grow, but I found a packet and threw them in some dirt and prayed for this little gift. You know, sometimes God just gives you something good to see you happy. I really believe that. When I planted them I knew He’d grow them and here they are. I prayed he would and I knew he would because at the time i really really needed them. he gives such good gifts.


One Comment on “a regular old monday”

  1. crystallaman says:

    I miss you, my sweet friend!

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