oktoberfest is one of the best weekends all year long in fredericksburg. for one thing, the weather is usually perfect. sure enough, this year was fantastic. i got to bust out the sweater and everything. i love seeing everyone decked out in their fall cuteness! we have so many memories of oktoberfest in the burg and it was one of the major highlights of living here. here’s a crazy memory for you…

once upon a time i was 40 weeks pregnant with my first child and living on the gulf coast of texas during hurricane season. a little hurricane called rita was freaking everyone out. she was a little too close to the aftermath of katrina, and everyone wanted to escape to the hill country for safety. we traveled to fredericksburg with ALL of my family. i was due any day and no one wanted to miss the first baby. so my parents, grandparents, sister, niece, nephews, great aunt, mother and father in-law, sister and brother in law (and their newborn and their parents) all settled in to wait for this baby. i had lost amniotic fluid from the stress of the whole thing and i wasn’t going to make it back to houston to my sweet midwives. i was going to deliver with a stranger in a hospital i’d never been in, and 30 people were going to wait until i did.

anyway, then he was born. it was fine. instead of the natural midwife delivery i dreamed of, i freaked out and begged for an epidural and there he was. the funniest thing i remember is how ‘country’ it was. i was waiting for a lactation consultant to come in and teach me the ins and outs of breastfeeding. i asked my nurse about it and she said, “oh, honey, we don’t have any of that! it’s not hard. it’s just like milkin’ a cow”. i said “pretend i’m from houston and i’ve never milked a cow before.”

anyway, oktoberfest… so will is born and i’m released from the hospital into the first perfect day of the season. the first cold front came in and it was lovely. will had jaundice and they recommended lots of sunlight. a festival was just the thing for my 3 day old baby! *head smack*  all i remember is my first attempts at nursing in public. it was not smooth and natural, it just involved alot of awkward moments with my stepdad trying to shield me and help me keep my blanket on. yikes. this year was alot better. the 3 day old baby is now eight and spent his time playing games and bouncing on the bungee cords.


abby’s favorite thing was getting her face painted by a clown


i’m pretty sure brandon’s favorite thing was the beer. and the weird german outfits. no, he did not wear one… this year.



so for my Thankfuls today i think i’ll go with

17. all the good memories from oktoberfest


and also

18. the blessing that is the stroller nap



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