snail mail. once again.

you guys are so cool. i can’t believe you liked that snail mail thing and want to do it again. this is so fun! last weeks sister was so blessed these past two weeks. she just so happens to be a photographer, so i’m going to have her take some pics and do a post for y’all soon. but on to the next sister…

again, the secret part of the secret snail mail is that i don’t really like to super duper publicize anyone’s story without permission. they are hard, sad, sensitive stories and most people don’t know we’re doing this so it’s a little touchy. but i will give you a quick little brief. this time we are blessing a mama who lost her oldest child in afghanistan this summer. i must say the breath is stolen out of my lungs when i try and think of what to say to her. a woman i don’t know. chocolate seems silly. dish towels can’t help that. but when i got to thinking about it, they can actually. just the prayers and effort to reach out to her could mean the world. i can’t begin to imagine what she’s going through, but i’ve already started praying that god will give me the words that she needs to hear. so email me if you want in and i’ll shoot you her address and all that jazz. if you participated last time, don’t worry about it. i’m shooting all the snail mail sisters an email tonight with the info.

on to my Thankfuls. well, i already tell you guys everything. you know my bank account and the state of my house and everything. you know i struggle with my weight every day of my life. so you might as well know that today i’m back on weight watchers. it’s worked for me in the past and i like that i can have everything i like (just not all of everything). so today i’m Thankful for…


25. salads that are not gross. that seems like a silly Thankful, but believe me, it’s no small thing. it’s no brainer diet food, but salads can get boring real fast. i am not a commercial. nobody pays me or anything, but i do want to tell you about this stuff that made my salad not gross. that’s what friends do, right? i got this stuff at HEB today. It was next to the salad dressings. If you’re a weight watchers girl, then you speak points. it’s 4 points for some of this salad granola business. not awesome, but not awful, but trust me when i say it’s crazy good.  i promise not to talk to you guys about my diet all day long on this totally random blog, but if you’re in diet mode too and need a partner, email me. it’s way more fun with someone else.


26. i’m really really thankful for jude mastering a cup!!! that’s a major milestone, y’all! now we’re down to just diapers and i’m a free woman! ok, i know diapers are a long way off, but babysteps. hidden sippy cups with chunky milk = not cool. this is a very good thing.


so that way maybe the weirdest, most random post ever. a girl’s got lots of facets, and i’ve got no boundaries here. it’s just the story of me, all of it. i know successful blogs focus their content and post relevant material pertaining to their audience. but this is not a successful blog. this is a bunch of girlfriends getting together, right? feel free to tell me all your business too. i really want to know. you know my email. 😉


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