weekend thankfuls

hey guys! we went out of town for the weekend. we went back to houston for our final homestudy. they said we could keep jude. yay for no more homestudies!

so you know how mopey i am about my two house problem. my thankfuls have really really really helped me learn to love this house. but it didn’t erase my love for my old house so i bawled like a baby for a spell. then i decided maybe i should photograph some of my favorite things from there. maybe someday we’ll be in renovation mode and i’ll bring a little of it over here. so my weekend thankfuls start off with my faves from my old house. i am thankful for all the time i got to spend there.

27. my chandelier. i actually might move it. can i do that?


28. my ghetto bathroom. i used to think this bathroom was outdated and boring. i was way wrong. i didn’t know what i was talking about then. now i have [practically] an outhouse. never again shall i complain. i had the best shower while i was there this weekend. with just regular city water and no scorpions. it was awesome.


29. my fireplace and brick floor. that’s what made me buy the house in the first place. love it.


30. the funky stained glass by the front door. it’s a little weird with the hummingbird and everything, but it really grew on me and i think stained glass is so charming. i’d really like to get some going here.


31. then we came home from our weekend away and i found this on my door! wonderful, lovely surprise mail! and margarita loveliness at that.


so that’s my Thankfuls for the weekend. tune in tomorrow for my ‘how to be broke’ series. lots of wisdom coming at you from my grandma! should be good.


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