How to Be Broke Like a Granny

last week my grandma popped over for a little visit and we got to chatting about being broke. she told me how things used to be done and how she still does alot of those things. here’s the big game changer for me. i tried it this time and it was life-changing granny wisdom. ready?

don’t piss away all your money on payday! hang on to it. act like you’re still broke. when you have a couple grand in the bank account it’s easy to think that there is plenty to goof off with. i will usually go shopping and eat out on payday. not this time. i just got off a broke stretch, so i just kept it going. today i’m halfway through the paycheck and i have way more than i thought i would. but still it’s enough to make me think twice about eating out… also, all that time gave me a chance to mull over whether i really needed what i thought i did. so the rule of thumb is to spend only on necessities during the first half of the pay period. then the second half is for fun stuff once you see (accurately) how much you have left.

make do with what you have. we have guests coming in a few weeks. i always feel a little inadequate with our house situation. i wanted new linens for the bed, an update for the bathroom, and a patio makeover. well, all that’s just not going to happen. instead, i used linens and pillows that we already have and put new combos together for something ‘new’. i bought a piece of art off etsy to bring it all together. $25. done.


i brought patio furniture from the other house.


and i used paint from another room to revamp the bathroom. is the bathroom still tiny and funky? yes, it is. is it much better, though? yes, it is.





spend your time wisely. you know yourself. if you can’t go to the stores without dropping a bunch of $, then don’t go. i can’t go. so what do you do all day? hmmm… what would your granny do? bake bread from scratch. i did this today! it spent 3 hours of my day, made my house smell amazing, solicited praise from everyone in my house, made me giddy, and costs like 30 cents in yeast. 2 loaves, baby. it was crazy awesome. here’s the tutorial i used and it came out perfectly!


what else do grannies do? sew. sewing can be cheap or expensive. if you’re broke you should maybe think cheap. yo-yo’s are fast and fun and you can tote them all around. you don’t need a machine or batting and all that. or you could embroider some dish towels. or maybe some hoop art. that’s all cheap. or you can get together with friends. my grandma said that her and her girlfriends used to get together to do housework and laundry and stuff. one day at one person’s house, then the next day at someone else’s. that sounds fun, right? or maybe canning. that’s fun with a crowd. anyway, think like a grandma.


save some for a rainy day. my grandma used to save money for hard times. smart, huh? they always come. also, this goes for food too. this week (while we still had $), i made a bunch of freezer food for next week (when we might not). more on that tomorrow. but we also stocked up on ‘stuff’ this week. diapers, gas, paper towels, laundry detergent. those things really hurt when you have $30 left to your name. so sock away some money, some food, some necessities.

count your blessings. things aren’t perfect and they never will be. so stop chasing it all day! look around. there’s awesomeness all around you.


3 Comments on “How to Be Broke Like a Granny”

  1. superhero84 says:

    Good stuff!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh I love this. We have been in the (-) a few times and I’m trying hard to budget, but I’m learning… haha I love these posts bc it reminds me I’m not alone 😉

  3. Tonya says:

    I avoid going to stores, too. If I don’t go, then I don’t spend. Sad that I’m not very disciplined, but then again, whatever. That’s why I don’t go!

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