Field Trip Fridays

We just made this thing up. Field trip Fridays. They are more for me than the kids. I don’t particularly enjoy kid fun. It’s not because of my kids, it’s me. I get really anxious doing new things. I’m nervous driving places I’ve never been (what if I get lost? where do i park?!). I’m afraid I’ll lose control of my kids and we’ll have a big public meltdown a mile and a half away from my car. I don’t like sunscreen. I don’t like talking to other mom strangers (I KNOW! I’m anti-social and strange!). We have a good time around the house. Mostly just daily life, but sometimes we mix it up. Only lately I’ve been feeling like all their really fun memories go to someone else. Someone willing to go in public. Mostly grandmas and grandpas and aunts. But I really wanted some of those memories for myself too. Still, I’m chicken. So a few weeks ago I instated Field Trip Fridays. The first time we just went to an ice cream shop around the corner. The next time we went to a park up the road. But today was a landmark. A big event. I took my smalls to the zoo by myself. I know this is absolutely nothing to most of you, but for me it’s monumental. The world is my oyster. I drove in downtown Houston. I didn’t get lost, I didn’t cry. I spent too much money, but that’s just to be expected I suppose. It was no more than I’d spend at Target. I didn’t attempt an all day event. I kept it short and sweet and hit the road at the first “I’m hoooot….”

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The Big Event for this summer is Sea World. I’ve got my heart set on it. But Field Trip Fridays are going to also let me explore my new bit of Texas. I’m going to hike in Lost Maples, splash in the Frio, see the bat caves and pick some peaches. But Sea World is the Big Event. Wish me luck (and let me know if you know anything cool to do). I almost feel like I could do anything. I could go to IKEA y’all! Anything!


One Comment on “Field Trip Fridays”

  1. debbie says:

    love that they got to feed a giraffe – how cool is that! – Mama this will be a memory for sure 🙂

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